We have a mattress that's right for you, whether you need soft, firm, or even one that keeps you cool.

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  • In fashion, Haute Couture implies an extraordinary attention to detail, fit and finishing. In mattresses, the same is true. Kingsdown Haute Couture mattresses are artistry personified, with craftsmanship evident in every stitch and every tuft. From the exquisite beauty of the silk-infused fabric to the outstanding performance of our patented construction process, form and function come together in Kingsdown Haute Couture mattresses to deliver an indulgent sleep experience like no other.

Luxurious Latex Foam

This resilient foam delivers exceptional pressure-relief so your body can stay in one position longer, resulting in deeper sleep.

Full Body Surround® Edge Support

High-density foam on all sides of this exceptional edge support system provide a complete edge-to-edge sleeping surface with superior support while airflow channels allow air to circulate freely.



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