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  • Kingsdown Diamond Royale is a mattress steeped in purity, a mattress that delivers the ideal blend of support and pressure relief, of nature and nurture, of elegance and simplicity. At Kingsdown, we believe that luxury is in the details, in the intention and the truth that a product is built on. That’s why Diamond Royale mattresses are ethically and sustainably sourced from the finest natural materials, crafted by hand in the United States, and designed to demonstrate that luxury and simplicity can coexist beautifully. Kingsdown Diamond Royale mattresses combine superior materials, inspired design and expert craftsmanship to deliver the most naturally luxurious sleep experience imaginable.

Natural American Wool

Wool is soft, durable, and breathable, with a fiber structure that is inherently resilient. A natural insulator, wool can wick away moisture and manage body temperature to keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The lanolin in the wool protects the fibers while repelling dust mites and other allergens. Our wool comes from sheep that are hand-raised and nurtured on family farms in the heart of North Carolina. There are absolutely no chemicals, dyes or pesticides in the farm environment.

Sun-kissed Cotton

Simultaneously soft and strong, cotton fiber adds high-performance cushioning for enhanced pressure relief and comfort. Certified organic cotton is grown with only the basic elements of sun, soil and water. This unbleached cotton is cleansed and pressed without chemicals, maintaining the purity of the fiber from field to factory. The cotton in Diamond Royale is sourced exclusively from American growers.

Muslin-wrapped Coils

Our hand-tied innerspring coils are designed to provide deep down support between the layers of cushioning wool and cotton fiber. Each coil is pocketed in unbleached cotton muslin for personalized conformance and motion separation. The coils work individually and in concert to support every contour of your body, so that even the heaviest points are aligned for healthy sleep.



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